Last movie to release on a VHS (Video Cassette).

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Picture 5 Last movie to release on a VHS (Video Cassette).

In 2006, “A History of Violence” Last movie to release on a VHS (Video Cassette). was the last movie to ever be released on VHS (video cassette).

Even Be Kind Rewind, a movie about a video store that refuses to switch from VHS to DVDs wasn’t even available on VHS.


pixel Last movie to release on a VHS (Video Cassette).

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  • William Smith

    Be kind rewind was released on vhs. Where are you getting your information?

  • Daniel

    wrong. last movie released on VHS was V/H/S which released in 2012. but it’s pretty obvious why they released that movie on VHS

    • yousuck

      this article was written in 2010 dumbass

      • Thedrek

        A movie called Kommandør Treholt og Ninjatroppen (Norwegian Ninja) was released on VHS in 2010.

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