Internet’s first search engine was created in 1990

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archie first search engine Internets first search engine was created in 1990Do you remember the first search engine on Internet? Google has been synonymous with Internet searches for years now, so it’s hard to remember what the Internet was like without it. Yet, before Google, Yahoo search, Bing, or even Ask Jeeves and Alta Vista (anyone remember those?) there was Archie – Internet’s first .

Archie, the first search engine on Internet was the brainchild of Alan Emtage, a student at McGill University in Montreal. This was in 1990, years before there were web pages to actually search! The program really didn’t function the way modern search engines worked. Instead of searching for content on web pages, Archie searched for files in the various servers in the network, based on file names alone. This was before the creation of web browsers and the World Wide Web, so Internet use was limited to file transfers.

To know more about earlier search engines, check out earlier history of earlier search engines.

Read more about  Internet’s first search engine here.

pixel Internets first search engine was created in 1990

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